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HildesheimLifting cargo elevator 1 tonInspection specifications

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Are the water cooling and air cooling of the hydraulic station the same?The common types of lifts are simply introduced here for you. I hope you can learn more about this product. At present, this product can be said to be sold well in China, because many places need to use this product. Products that can be lifted and moved flexibly at the same time. Now companies that specialize in the production of this product combine a large-scale external publicity on the Internet. Friends in need can directly find the corresponding company on the Internet,The lifting platform has been inspected and debugged before leaving the factory, and all technical indicators meet the design requirements. When using it, it only needs to be connected to the power supply, and the hydraulic and electrical systems basically do not need to be adjusted. Our company is engaged in all kinds of materials such as elevator factories all the year round, and operates with integrity. Welcome to call!What kind of function can be achieved by installing the elevator? Before installation confirm whether the motor and the elevator are intact, the input shaft and the groove of the elevator. Fitting tolerances.Boghni and strictly check whether the dimensions of the parts connected to the motor and the elevator match. Here are the dimensions of the positioning boss of the motor,Avoid working in an environment. In the event of rain, snow and other weather, the use of the hydraulic lifting platform should be stopped to prevent the occurrence of a short circuit, resulting in electric leakage and electric shock; non-professionals are strictly prohibited from disassembling electrical appliances such as hydraulic lifting platforms. In the event of an accident you can’t disassemble without permission to eliminate the cause. You must report to the manufacturer for repair in time, inform the phenomenon of the accident, and the manufacturer will guide you to complete the inspection or send someone to repair it; do not disassemble the appliance without permission! Professional elevator factory guarantees quality, guarantees service. Guarantees quality. Your satisfaction is our pursuit! Welcome to inquire.Anti-corrosion measures for the body of aerial work vehicles Pay attention to small scratches. The paint surface of aerial work vehicles is often corroded. In addition to common collisions, scratches, small rocks on the driving tires, there may also be a peeling paint spot,HildesheimSimple lifting cargo elevator table, and a small rust will appear after a long time. Because most of these scars are small, they are easy to ignore. Therefore, check regularly, the engine compartment cover and its surroundings, and once found, go to a professional beauty shop for processing.Outriggers: mechanical outriggers, hydraulic outriggers, ordinary hand-operated outriggers, pull-out outriggers.

HildesheimLifting cargo elevator 1 tonInspection specifications

The scissor-type fixed lifting platform is a kind of transportation and handling equipment for transporting goods from a certain height to another height. After the operation is completed, the platform is level with the ground, does not occupy the ground space, and does not affect the passageway.The main categories of aluminum alloy lifts in the Chinese market are based on the structure of the aluminum alloy lifts. The load is generally below kg, especially suitable for one-person operation.Goods should be stacked on the platform and not tilted. When the freight elevator goes up and down beyond the range of the platform, no one should stand around to watch.Inspection standard, and it is a large-scale logistics and storage equipment service company directly operated by the manufacturer. Since the fixed lift is a mechanical device, the quality and performance of the product must be good. Do not accept the products of some manufacturers whose quality is not up to standard, so as to avoid some safety hazards in use.Many customers think that the operating power supply of the hydraulic lifting platform is below the safe voltage of V and there will be no electric shock. They are wrong. Normally, there will be no electric shock, but if there is improper operation, it will still be very dangerous. So how can we effectively prevent the occurrence of electric shock accidents? Today,HildesheimOutdoor guide rail type cargo elevator, the editor will share safety knowledge with you.Pay attention to check whether there are any broken wires and loose strands in the wire ropes of each part. If it exceeds the relevant regulations, it must be replaced immediately. The maintenance of the wire rope should be strictly in accordance with regulations.

HildesheimLifting cargo elevator 1 tonInspection specifications

Fixed lift is a kind of transportation equipment that directly lifts and unloads goods from the ground. It is mostly used in places such as goods transportation between height differences in production lines, materials on and off the assembly line, parts lifting during large-scale equipment assembly, and fixed three-dimensional parking. So what is the new price of the fixed lift?Executive standard,Mechanisms: Mechanisms such as tabletops, track grooves,HildesheimRail freight elevator, wire ropes, chains, and pulleys are made of solid materials to ensure safety.Manual hydraulic lifting platform application manual hydraulic platform performance: manual hydraulic platform vehicle is made of high-strength steel, the design structure is reasonable and compact, safe, stable and reliable, built-in safety valve, fully sealed oil cylinder, manual hydraulic system lifting, easy to operate. Equipped with guide wheels to save the operator's physical strength, and can protect the load wheels and pallet load wheels. Unique hydraulic pump design, the pump is simple and designed to maintain an ideal height for assembly line loading and unloading operations; coupled with the unique design concept, the operator's operation is simple and convenient.What are the maintenance rules for hydraulic lift machinery? The brakes of each mechanism should be checked frequently and the gap between the brake shoe and the brake wheel should be adjusted to ensure flexibility and reliability. There should be no dirt on the friction surface, and if there is dirt, it must be washed off with gasoline or thinner.Hildesheim,The hydraulic lifting platform is mainly the pressure transmission of hydraulic oil to realize the lifting function. Its scissor mechanical structure makes the lift stable, and the wide operating platform and high carrying capacity make the high-altitude operation wide and suitable for many people work at the same time. It makes high-altitude operations efficient and secure.It is best not to cover the aerial work vehicle and park the vehicle outside. If it is windy and rainy, especially if the car blows sand on the clothes, it will draw many fine scratches on it. Because it will turn black over time. In addition, when the wind does not directly spray powder or clean the sand on the mechanism, but it should be washed with water, and prevent the sand particles on the paint surface from being scratched by the vacuum cleaner.As for the guide rail elevator installed outdoors, it is often exposed to rain and sunlight, so special attention should be paid to regular maintenance and inspection to avoid accidents.

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