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LantianGalvanized square pipe as interlayerInspection items

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Steel for construction and engineering according to the classification of use without phase transformation or partial phase transformation of square tube: A. ordinary carbon structural steel; b. Low alloy structural steel; c. Steel reinforcement.Stage ( & mdash; )Lantian,After chemical treatment and surface treatment of the square tube, the appearance and quality of the square tube have been improved to another height, making the current square tube present in the market in a good state.High density may not be obtained by simple pressurization, and insulation shall be carried out at the same time.San Gwann,Pull square tube:High density may not be obtained by simple pressurization, and insulation shall be carried out at the same time.We all know very well. Therefore, the quality of square tubes will directly affect the development of the construction industry. What if we can make the service life of square tubes longer? Here we also need to ask the personnel of the square tube manufacturer for instructions, and use ingenious methods to prolong the service life of the square tube, so that the square tube can bring us greater help in life.

LantianGalvanized square pipe as interlayerInspection items

The surface of galvanized square pipe treated by sand blasting, shot blasting or pickling process is relatively clean, and the oxide scale and rust are removed, which improves the adhesion of the coating. When the installation site unconditionally adopts sand blasting and shot blasting,Lantian50 galvanized round pipe, manual and mechanical derusting can be adopted, such as water, sewage, gas, air and heating steam.Oil drilling pipe (yb-) is a square pipe used for internal or external thickening at both ends of oil drilling. Steel pipes are divided into turning wire and non turning wire. Turning wire pipe is connected with joint, and non turning wire pipe is connected with tool joint by butt welding.Direct labor,The second is the pickling of the square pipe. Both chemical and electrolytic methods are used when pickling the square pipe. These two methods can remove the oxide skin of the square pipe.Special performance steel: A. stainless and acid resistant steel; b. Heat resistant steel: including oxidation resistant steel, heat strength steel and air valve steel; c. Electric heating alloy steel; d. Wear resistant steel; e. Low temperature steel; f. Electrical steel.C. electric furnace steel: (a) electric arc furnace steel; (b) Electroslag furnace steel; (c) Induction furnace steel; (d) Vacuum consumable furnace steel; (e) Electron beam furnace steel.

LantianGalvanized square pipe as interlayerInspection items

Carbon steel classified by chemical composition: square tube A. low carbon steel (C & le; .%); b. Medium carbon steel (C & le; . ~ .%); c. High carbon steel (C & le; .%).Where is good,Main uses of square tube: square tube is mainly used in tap water engineering, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, electric power industry,LantianQ345D square tube,LantianSteel galvanized square pipe, agricultural irrigation and urban construction. It is one of the key products developed.In the process of processing, the processing temperature is the key. Professional square tube, square tube, seamless square tube, galvanized square tube and galvanized tube have advanced technology, strict detection, and R and R can be equal or different.Lantian generally around ℃.It should be noted that the position of the disc from the calibration line can be adjusted according to the reinforcement diameter,Forging square tube: a kind of pressure processing in which the reciprocating impact force of the forging hammer or the pressure of the press changes the blank into the shape and size we need. It is generally divided into forging and die forging. It is often used to produce large-scale materials and materials with large square tube size.Functional index analysis of qb square tube - mechanical function of plastic square tube. Solid bending, as the name suggests, is to compact the bending. During real bending, the inner and outer rollers and the inner and outer walls of the pipe blank are compacted in both directions.Hardness hardness is a pointer to measure the hardness and softness of metal materials. At present, the hardness method is commonly used to measure the hardness in production. It uses the indenter with fixed geometry to measure the hardness value of the metal material surface tested under fixed load according to the degree of hardness.

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