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KonotopBox transformer 630kVA priceStrengthen the training of R&D talents

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When the new oil filled by the power transformer and the oil sample that has just been considered are used, the oil sample can be used only after sufficient standing.The key reason for oil leakage is that there are defects in cast iron partsKonotop,It is understood that in China transformers have experienced the whole process of replacing many series products such as sss. As early as the middle and late s, S Series lossless distribution transformers were selected in China to replace the high energy consumption transformers of jb- and jb - Specifications operating in the power network at that time. Since the th century, urban power grids have been transformed all over the country, and S series distribution transformers have been used to replace S Series. In recent years, S and S commodities are gradually selected in large quantities in the transformation of urban and rural power networks in China, and their full load loss is % - % less than that of S transformer.After no-load test run is normal for h, it can be transferred to on-load operation, and the load shall be gradually increased from %, % and % by grade.vientiane ,When we apply oil immersed transformer, oil immersed transformers are released outward in the form of waves. This kind of wave is like a tide. It is also a kind of kinetic energy. In fact, the wave height of oil immersed transformer also shows the size of kinetic energy. Generally, the greater the output power is. On the contrary,KonotopPower supply high frequency transformer, it is very small.With the rapid development of society and the continuous development trend of computers, the calculation of data in the whole process of oil immersed transformer wave has long had results. Only effective selection of calculation entity models and methods is needed, the accuracy of calculation conclusions can meet the needs of architectural design,KonotopStructure diagram of oil immersed power transformer, and scientific and reasonable data method is selected, Not only can the current distribution of the oil immersed transformer be clearly defined in the development stage, but also the winding and other structures of the oil immersed transformer can be effectively arranged and distributed in a certain scope, which greatly facilitates the design scheme of the oil immersed transformer and ensures the stability of operation.

KonotopBox transformer 630kVA priceStrengthen the training of R&D talents

In fact, ground wire is not only a kind of grounding protection. The following describes in detail that ground wire is the general name of grounding system. Ground wire is divided into protective grounding and safety factor grounding device. Among them, safety factor grounding device can be divided into grounding protection, anti electric shock grounding device and anti electromagnetic wave radiation grounding device. Protective grounding is to use it for loop to make the facilities achieve the grounding wire specified by the function.Two point grounding device of iron core caused by residual welding scar;Brief introduction of zero line of power transformerknowledge,The method and whole process of taking oil sample of power transformer are as follows:What is the wavelength of oil immersed transformer?Seal oil leakage

KonotopBox transformer 630kVA priceStrengthen the training of R&D talents

When leaving the factory, the production and processing are not smooth and the sealing is poor. The common fault of oil leakage will be caused after the oil transformer is sealed for a period of time.Design brand,Dry type transformer oscillation is solved by applying vibration damping platform to dry-type transformer and carrying out low-frequency vibration reduction management, which can control the oscillation below .%, and then reduce the building structure noise transmitted by dry-type transformer oscillation.If the input of dry-type transformer is an alternating switching power supply, its output voltage is directly proportional to the coil turn ratio of the output input solenoid coil. If a rechargeable battery is used, because it is DC, add a circuit in the input power supply circuit to change it into a continuously changing voltage. In that way,Dry type transformer manufacturerThe noise of dry-type transformer belongs to low-frequency noise. In a small area, most of it is scattered according to the building structure. This kind of low-frequency noise is scattered to the household house according to the house building,KonotopTransformer distribution room, and then causes gas vibration noise, which is then scattered to the ears of consumers. Although the amount of noise is not very large, the dispersion spacing and adverse effects are very large.Avoid aging and damage of power transformer iron core insulation: aging of iron core insulation or damage of waterproof sleeve holding anchor bolt will cause large vortex of iron core and long-term scalding of iron core will lead to insulation aging.

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