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LeskeyRubber lining submerged slurry pumpRising market potential

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  The pump can often be selected according to the specific requirements of lift, flow and liquid delivery. The flow range of the delivered liquid is - L / s the pressure range is .- MPa, and the diesel engine speed range is - rpm. Features: water pump, high automation and performance  Strong strength and other advantages. It is widely used as a sealing device for various pumps. Place a water seal ring at the bottom of the packing box, and then place the filler.Leskey,LeskeyVertical slurry pump,   The electric pump should not be used in flammable and explosive environment, nor should it pump flammable liquid. How to use the submersible non clogging sewage pump?  The submersible slurry pump shall be shut down for inspection in time in case of machine problems during operation and regular maintenance shall be done. The equipment will not be used after burning out, which will cause certain economic losses to us.Vigevano, the power supply across the country has been tense again, which has driven the hot sale of it and generators in the phase II market. According to relevant data, in the second half of the year, there is still a large gap after China&#;s power balance.  Ensure that the service time will be extended when it is used. We all know that the submersible slurry pump needs to optimize its structure to meet the requirements of use because the medium it transports is relatively special. The structure has been optimized to  Head refers to the energy obtained from the pump by the unit weight of liquid output by the pump, so head refers to the effective energy obtained from the liquid output by the pump in unit time - that is,LeskeySubmersible sewage pump, the effective power of the pump: the equation is PE= ρ GQH (W)= γ QH (W)

LeskeyRubber lining submerged slurry pumpRising market potential

  The purpose is to inject liquid higher than . MPa from the water seal ring to prevent gas leakage into the pump when the suction inlet of the submersible slurry pump is in a vacuum state. When the water pressure in the pump is higher than . MPa the sealing fluid .-. MPa higher than the pressure in the pump can be injected to seal and reduce leakage  Whether the pipe is blocked or the valve is not opened; D. whether the water pump is reversed.  During normal operation, the temperature of the motor is very high, some even as high as ℃. In this case, it is easy to burn the motor and replace it with a new one. In fact, one motor burns out at this time. Don&#;t worry about replacing it. You must find out the cause of the motor&#;s heating, orhow,  Where ρ—— Density of transmission medium liquid (kg/m; γ—— Gravity of medium liquid (n/m; H -- pump lift (m); Q - water pump flow (m/s); G - gravitational acceleration (m/s.  The difference between the shaft power P and the effective power PE is the power loss in the pump, which is measured by the pump efficiency. The pump efficiency is the ratio of the effective power and the shaft power, which is measured by η Indicates.  As an emerging product, the submersible slurry pump has many advantages, especially filling the gap in the application conditions of the traditional horizontal and vertical slurry pumps. At present, the application of the submersible slurry pump is gradually becoming more and more widespread, especially meeting the needs of deep-water sand pumping and dredging. At present, the depth can reach meters.  It is not correct that it has no effect on us.

LeskeyRubber lining submerged slurry pumpRising market potential

  When using the sand pump, be sure to pay attention to the steering divergence between the motor and the pump. The sand pump has an arrow on the pump to mark the main steering. After the power supply is connected, run the pump without load. Check whether the motor operates normally. During operation, be careful not to exceed the bearing on the pump support to avoidDiscount,  During adjustment, firstly loosen the support cover, then compress the nut, and then loosen the bearing seat. After adjusting the screw, but improper use and maintenance will lead to submersible sewage.  The above is the correct sequence of impeller disassembly of submersible slurry pump. Because different types of pumps have some differences in structure,LeskeyIrrigation deep well pump, we also need to refer to the instructions when disassembling.Leskey,  Yes, such mechanical faults will cause the stator winding of the pump to be burnt out.   Then reinstall the equipment on the engine and install the rubber hose.  The application of pumps involves all aspects of work and production, and the types of pumps are also diverse. Some of the same pump have several names, and some of the names are very similar, which makes it difficult to distinguish. Today, we will introduce the submersible pump and the submersible slurry pump. Is there any difference between the two

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