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FajadoLeading small conduit productionMelting method of

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After the two pipes are connected by using the deformation of the grouting pipe, the kneading part of the joint is large at both ends and small in the center, so that the joint is stuck at one time, avoiding the possibility of loose union. The grouting pipe has proper, stable and excellent s in terms of tensile pull-out and torque resistance, and the protrusion is circular arc with small protrusion, which is useful to avoid collision with conduits, etc. The grouting pipe is used as the pipe for grouting at the bottom of the pile. The test shows that the bearing capacity of the cast-in-place pile treated with the pile bottom grouting can be greatly improved At the same time, the grouting pipe can also be used as the pipe for the defect washing and grouting treatment of the accident pile. At this time, it is necessary to take measures to punch the pipe at the defect position where grouting is required. The classification of the grouting pipe can be divided into three categories according to the pipe materials: the advantages of steel pipe steel pipe are that it is easy to install, and it can be welded on the reinforcement frame by electric welding, which can replace part of the reinforcement section, and because of the large rigidity of the steel pipe After embedding, the parallelism and straightness can be basically maintained. At present, many large-diameter cast-in-place piles use steel as the grouting pipe. However, the price of steel pipe is relatively expensive: steel corrugated pipe steel corrugated pipe is a better grouting pipe material. It has the characteristics of thin pipe wall, less steel, pressure resistance, high strength and good flexibility. It is usually used for post tensioning reserved holes in prestressed structures: when used as grouting pipe. It can be directly bound to the reinforcement framework soil, and the joint can be connected with a larger corrugated sleeve. Since the bellows is light, it is very convenient to operate, but attention should be paid to keeping its axis straight during installation.Fajado,(outer diameter - wall thickness) what is actually obtained is the average value of the inner and outer diameters of the circumference. If this value is multiplied by the circumference ratio (π = , the area of a section will be obtained. If the area of this section is multiplied by meter (mm), the adjusted volume will be obtained. If the adjusted volume is multiplied by the density of , the weight of one meter length will be obtained.The research shows that the friction between the grouting pipe and the soil is also greatly related to the water content and compactness of the soil. The grouting pipe itself has a pattern, and is also a grid like integral geo reinforced material, so the friction between the grouting pipe and the medium is very large; The grouting pipe also has a great tensile strength a large deformation modulus, and the reinforcement is stable and uniform, which can see good results in a short time. It can be seen from the experiment that the mesh reinforcement performance of the grouting pipe is better than the strip reinforcement material, which increases the stability of the project; The grouting pipe is especially suitable for the construction of high-speed highways, because the action force of the back and forth traffic on the soil is very great, and the grouting pipe can share the stress, increase the deformation modulus of the soil, effectively enhance the strength of the soil, and achieve the effect of stabilizing the project and long-term use.Tajerouine,In the engineering practice,FajadoAdvance small conduit in tunnel construction, some construction units directly pave the glass fiber grouting pipe after spraying the sticky layer oil, and the roller rolls after it. The effect is good, and the glass fiber grouting pipe is not easy to wave. Strictly control the entry and exit of vehicles transporting the mixture, and forbid vehicles to swerve, brake and dump the leftover mixture on the grouting pipe layer to prevent damage to the glass fiber grouting pipe; The back glue of glass fiber grouting pipe is easily soluble in water, and construction shall not be carried out in rainy days or wet roads; Glass fiber grouting pipe is made of grouting pipe, which is easy to irritate human skin. Construction personnel must wear protective gloves; When the grouting pipe is laid, the temperature of the road surface is required to be between . Therefore, the relative displacement trend or relative displacement will occur between the narrow two, which will then generate friction. This friction is generally called 'surface friction'.The foundation pit excavation shall strictly follow the principle of 'layered excavation'. The support erection shall be closely coordinated with the earthwork excavation. During the excavation, the earthwork near the grouting pipe shall be excavated by the central trenching method to prevent the machinery from colliding with the support; The earthwork near the slope protection pile shall be excavated manually with small machines and tools. It is forbidden to collide with the grouting pipe and bored pile by mechanical excavation. After the earthwork is excavated to the design elevation, the grouting pipe shall be erected and prestressed in time to reduce the exposure time without support.It is laid in the soil, and through the bite and interlock between the grouting pipe mesh and the soil, it forms an efficient stress transmission mechanism, so that the local load can quickly and effectively spread to the large area of soil, so as to reduce the local failure stress and improve the service life of the project. The convex joint steel plastic grouting pipe is an upgraded product of the ordinary steel plastic grouting pipe, which changes the shortcomings of the ordinary grouting pipe, such as the small peeling force of the joint (n), the easy cracking of the welding point, the difficulty of construction, and the reduction of the role of side displacement prevention. Due to the change of material ratio and construction technology, the peeling force of the welding joint is between N and N which effectively changes the above shortcomings of the traditional steel plastic grouting pipe. Because of the protruding joints at the welding position, it is called convex joint steel plastic grouting pipe, and its academic name is node reinforced steel plastic grouting pipe. The steel plastic grouting pipe is made of high-strength steel wire (or other fibers) through special treatment, polyethylene (PE) and other additives, and is extruded to form a composite high-strength tensile strip. If the surface is rough embossed, it is a high-strength reinforced geotextile. This single belt is woven or sandwiched at a certain distance longitudinally and horizontally, and is formed by welding its junction with the fusion welding technology of special reinforcement bonding. The grouting pipe is set out from the inner ring tap in the vertical setting out state, and the drawn out pipe forms a spring shape and stretches automatically. Takeout direction: the spiral direction of the spring shape after takeout is consistent with the twisting direction of, otherwise fried dough twist or disorder will occur.

FajadoLeading small conduit productionMelting method of

Appropriate measures shall be taken to prevent surface water, curing water and garbage from falling in. When necessary a sump shall be set near the post cast strip of the base plate in combination with the design of the basement plane drainage system to facilitate the final cleaning before the grouting pipe is cast. When advance water stop is not used, a sump shall be set, which can be set in the basement according to the above method, or set outdoors as a temporary facility. Usually, we use the waterproof scheme between the grouting pipe and the water surface or before and there are many methods for the grouting pipe to stop water in advance. It should be noted that the design unit should participate in the review of the construction organization design of the basement, the design modification requirements will be put forward only when problems are found in advance water stop during construction, which will affect the integrity and rationality of the whole water stop scheme.After the grouting hole is drilled, the grouting pipe, grout stopper, mixer and other facilities in the hole shall be installed and lowered.How to deal with the joint if the grouting pipe is installed in sections? If the grouting pipe is installed in sections, the joints must be welded. The welded joints of the section steel have been prepared in the manufacturing plant and can be installed after the two-phase adjacent joints are aligned. After all beams are welded, anchor them according to the above steps. Install the formwork at the beam end. The formwork shall be made according to the overall dimensions of Hainan grouting pipe device and the notch of the reserved slot. The formwork shall be made quite tight to prevent mortar from flowing into the displacement control box or into the beam end gap.After checking that the installed formwork is tight and seamless, clean the reserved groove, then pour concrete and vibrate it tightly. The concrete shall have at least the same strength as the structural concrete at this place, and the grouting pipe device in Hainan shall be kept clean when pouring concrete.Test method, It has good flexibility. The pipes can be coiled when they are produced, so that the number of joints in the pipe network can be reduced. It can be laid according to the terrain, and is convenient for construction.When the grouting pipe is laid it shall be kept flat and tight without wrinkling, so that the grouting pipe has effective tension. After laying, it shall be rolled again with a clean steel wheel roller. Most urban roads use glass fiber grouting pipes with self-adhesive. The diameter of the glass fiber grouting pipe is . ~ times of the maximum particle size of the asphalt concrete surface aggregate. The ultimate tensile strength should be greater than kN / m, so as to give play to the anti reflection crack performance of the glass fiber grouting pipe. It can also ensure the shear resistance and adhesive force of the adhesive layer of the glass fiber grouting pipe.Among the many imported projects the development of the production technology of automobile door and window sealing strips is the most representative. Through the introduction of sealing strip production lines from Japan, Germany, Italy, Britain and other countries, up to now,Fajado48lead small conduit, domestic manufacturers have introduced more than sealing strip production lines. In addition to pure rubber sealing strips, sealing strips of various composite structures metal skeleton and various rubber composite sealing strips, rubber and plastic composite sealing strips can be produced. At present, the overall level of China&#;s sealing strip production technology has basically reached the level of foreign countries in the s, and has become a grouting pipe. Because some projects are not easy to detect when they are manufactured, and the quality of the grouting pipe as a channel for testing instruments has become crucial. If the quality of the grouting pipe is poor, it will bring many hidden dangers. Steel grouting pipe material, steel saving, impermeability, pressure resistance and high strength, is generally used for post tensioned reserved holes in prestressed structures. When the grouting pipe is used, it is very convenient to operate. However, attention should be paid to the balance of its axis during installation.

FajadoLeading small conduit productionMelting method of

The grouting pipe is padded with the front lip of the horseshoe, and the height of the saddle shaped curved surface is changed to make the pipe wall crawl and slide along the accurate saddle shaped curved surface.Inspection requirements,FajadoAdvance small conduit in stock,A short section of screw end rod is welded on both ends of a single prestressed thick steel bar, and the nut and backing plate are sleeved to form the simplest grouting pipe. The pretension force is transmitted to the nut through the bearing force on the threaded slope of the screw end rod, and then to the concrete components around the reserved hole crossing through the base plate.Let&#;s take a look at the prestressed machines and tools. The small editor of prestressed machines and tools reminds everyone that the screw end rod is made of cold drawn or heat-treated reinforcement, and the thread is fine teeth. The welding between the end rod and the prestressed reinforcement should be carried out before the cold drawing of the prestressed reinforcement. This grouting pipe can be used at the tensioning end and the fixed end. A general jack is used for tensioning, and the jack pull rod (with internal thread at the end) is tightened on the thread of the screw end rod for tensioning. After tensioning, tighten the nut and anchor the rebar. The advantages of this grouting pipe are relatively simple, and when the jack returns oil after the grouting pipe, the prestressed reinforcement basically does not slide. If necessary, facilitate re tensioning. The disadvantage is that the accuracy of the length of prestressed reinforcement is high, and it cannot be too long or too short, otherwise the thread length is not enough.There are mainly water glass calcium chloride slurry, water glass fluorosilicic acid slurry, acidic water glass slurry, HS water glass (acidified water glass) slurry and SS water glass (silica sol) slurry [].The small editor of prestressed machines and tools will lead you to understand the main connection methods between the drive device and the wellhead: the connection between the flange of the drive head of the electric oil pump and the parallel flange is the most widely used one at present. There is a flange at the lower part of the drive head, and the size matches the flange of the Christmas tree wellhead.Fajado,Disposal method: the grouting pipe shall be shortened according to the specification. Grouting pipe at tensioning end: the grouting pipe installed at the end of the grouting pipe reinforcement and capable of tensioning is also called grouting pipe grouting pipe. The so-called grouting pipe is a grouting pipe in post tensioning structure or component to maintain the tension of the grouting pipe reinforcement and transmit it to the mixed tension; Fixed end grouting pipe: a grouting pipe installed at the end of the grouting pipe reinforcement and usually buried in the concrete without tensioning. The standard of the grouting pipe used for the grouting pipe reinforcement is the national standard of the people&#;s Republic of China (GB / T -, which ensures that the products manufactured by our company conform to the product quality law of the people&#;s Republic of China and the standard law of the people&#;s Republic of China Grouting pipe is the only acoustic pipe specially used for ultrasonic testing in the market. The grouting pipe is made of cold and hard steel pipe after professional molding, and is connected by clamp pressure connection, screw connection, flange connection and other methods. It has a reliable anti-seepage effect during concrete pouring. Two convex grooves are planned at the end of the bell end of the high-strength double seal clamp type acoustic measuring pipe, and the convex grooves are equipped with sealing rings. When installing the device, the socket end of the product is stabbed into the bell end by cm, and the outer pipe between the two convex grooves is deeply immersed into the inner pipe, and then the reliable connection of the product is completed; After being kneaded, the rubber sealing ring deforms and fits between the two layers of pipes, playing an excellent double safety sealing effect. The length can be matched according to the construction requirements, without loss.

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