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corkHydraulic lifting platformHow to play a practical role

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Considering the oil level in the oil tank, when all hydraulic cylinders in the system are extended, the oil level in the oil tank should not be lower than the Z-low oil level and when the oil cylinders retract, the oil level should not be higher than the Z-high oil level. In fact, most manufacturers have noticed the above issues. The reason for the introduction is that most users can learn more about the equipment itself when using elevators, in order to facilitate equipment maintenance. Hydraulic cargo elevator manufacturers sincerely hope that you choose a legitimate manufacturer when purchasing elevators, to avoid any worries about after-sales service.If the circuit of the device is not disconnected or lowered, it is necessary to check the fuse for repair and replacement.cork,All high-altitude operations must first build scaffolding or take measures to prevent teams from falling before boarding the vehicle bridge.Remember not to overload, overload is the root cause of many faults.Disuq,The guide rail type elevator has a structure of a straight top oil cylinder. The linear operation of the oil cylinder pulls the transmission chain, driving the lifting of the table to complete the operation. The guide rail type elevator is a popular form of cargo elevator in recent years, with the advantages of higher lifting height, stable operation, and simple maintenance compared to the scissor fork type elevator.Reason: Manual pump and gear pump have severe oil leakage. Cleaning method: Replace the oil pump sealing ring to clean it. Reason: Gear pump is damaged, The oil pumped out has no pressure. Cleaning method: Replace the gear pump to clean the problem. Reason: Lack of hydraulic oil. Cleaning method: Add enough hydraulic oil to clean the problem. Reason: Circuit open. Cleaning method: Check the button and fuse to clean the problem. Reason: Filter blockage. Cleaning method: Replace or clean the problem. Reason: Support valve or electromagnetic directional valve malfunction. There are two situations: the input voltage of the electromagnetic coil is lack of V. The solenoid coil is burnt out and the valve core is stuck. Cleaning method: maintenance or replacement can be used to clean the natural descent of the lifting platform. Reason and cleaning method: one-way valve leakage cleaning method: check the check valve in the valve. Assuming there is dirt on the sealing surface of the check valve. Clean the check valve.Reason: Cleaning method for internal leakage in the oil cylinder: Replace the sealing element of the oil cylinder. The lifting platform does not lower. Reason: The lowering valve is malfunctioning. Cleaning method: When pressing the lowering button,corkSelf hydraulic lifting platform, check whether the lowering valve is powered on. If there is no electricity, clean it as much as possible; If there is power, clear the malfunction of the lowering valve itself or replace the lowering valve. The sliding valve should be kept clean and.

corkHydraulic lifting platformHow to play a practical role

The combined platform is often used in small workshops with small volume of goods. However,corkHydraulic lifting platform Electric lifting platform, because this platform needs to complete two functions at the same time it inevitably increases the distance of handling tools/vehicles in the workshop.Many operating factories often require the use of hydraulic cargo elevators, which can be lifted and lowered, making it very convenient to use. Many people do not know the knowledge of hydraulic cargo elevator lifting and adjustment. If they understand this knowledge, it will be helpful for future maintenance. The power unit of the fixed chain elevator for hydraulic lifting of cargo elevators drives the hydraulic oil to generate pressure, thus achieving the adjustment of lifting speed. The power unit adjustment, whether it is a scissor type lifting platform or a track type lifting platform, is composed of the power unit and the oil cylinder. The power unit is manufactured with four outlet holes, which can be adjusted in size to increase or decrease the hydraulic oil flow rate of the oil cylinder, Adjustable motor speed or electro-hydraulic proportional valve to adjust hydraulic oil flow rate; The longer the oil pipe and hydraulic oil pipe, the longer the rise time. So during installation, try to minimize the length of the pipeline within the allowable range of the design; On the basis of adjusting the power device, the size of the oil pipeline can also be adjusted, and corresponding adjustments can be made while ensuring that the equipment meets normal demand and safety.The hydraulic lifting platform is a manually movable type, and the lifting power of the platform is a two machine or three-phase power supply. It has manual and electric power, and is also equipped with a hand pump for use in case of power outage. This series of platforms have the characteristics of flexible movement stable lifting, and easy operation, and are mainly used in factories government agencies, commercial stores,Do not use hydraulic lifting equipment with malfunctioning issues. The problem should be resolved before carrying cargo.Electrical equipment or component failures. Hydraulic elevator manufacturers tell you that the main reasons for high noise generated by electric motors are: bent or severely worn motor rotors, or damaged bearings, which cause electric motors to sweep and produce noise; The cooling fan of the electric motor is damaged or not firmly fixed, resulting in high noise; The electric motor is not firmly fixed and can also cause vibration, producing high noise.Introduction to the unloading lifting platform: The unloading lifting platform is a specialized auxiliary equipment used in conjunction with forklifts for cargo loading and unloading. With it, forklifts can directly drive from the ground into the interior of car compartments for batch loading and unloading operations. The warehouse unloading platform products use manual hydraulic power and do not require power supply. Only one person needs to operate to achieve safe and fast loading and unloading of goods. It can reduce a lot of labor, improve the efficiency of loading and unloading operations, speed up the flow of materials, and obtain greater economic benefits.

corkHydraulic lifting platformHow to play a practical role

Hydraulic lifting table: the hydraulic lifting table is widely used in various industrial enterprises and production lines such as automobile, container, wood processing, chemical filling, etc., to meet the lifting needs of different operation heights, and can be equipped with various table forms (such as ball, roller, rotary table, steering, tipping, telescoping), and with various ways (separate, explosion-proof), it has stable and accurate lifting,corkFixed hydraulic lifting platform, frequent starting The characteristics of large load capacity effectively solve various lifting and lowering difficulties in industrial enterprises, making production operations smooth.Test results,When the hydraulic system malfunctions, the hydraulic elevator may experience problems with the hydraulic pump, valve, and hydraulic installation after repairing the hydraulic system, which can easily cause vibration and generate significant noise.What are the requirements for the pit? This type of cargo elevator only needs - centimeters and does not require too much space. The installation of scissor type hydraulic cargo elevators is different from that of guide rail type hydraulic cargo elevators. The scissor lift cargo elevator has a large load-bearing capacity, and the pit depth needs to be set at around - centimeters. It can also be designed according to customer on-site needs.The installation personnel should have the qualification for installing hydraulic cargo elevators, carefully implement the special construction plan for installation and construction, and provide safety technical disclosure to the installation personnel for technical design.cork,This paper briefly introduces some matters needing attention in the selection of oil tank for hydraulic elevators. The main functions of the hydraulic oil tank for elevators in the hydraulic system of elevators and hydraulic elevators and other hydraulic machinery are oil storage, heat dissipation, separation of air contained in oil and elimination of foam.The development of elevators is at its peak, as many manufacturers have chosen more multi-story buildings to fully utilize the site, so they also need a device to facilitate the improvement of goods.After hours of elevator operation, perform minor repairs to the mechanical and electrical systems.

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