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TappolkaBooster pipeline pumpNews consultation quotation

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   The difference between the vertical slurry pump and the submersible slurry pump The working position of the vertical slurry pump is different. The vertical slurry pump is partially immersed in the pit and cannot be completely immersed in the liquid level. The submersible slurry pump can be completely immersed (including the motor part) below the liquid level; Use of motor for vertical slurry pump  Let the medium containing some solid particles generate a certain flow rate, so that the equipment can drive the solid to flow when it is in use,TappolkaZD slurry pump, so that the slurry can be transported. In terms of the principle of the submersible slurry pump, which is widely used in sewage plant to transport sludge and chemicals containing solid particles.  In the mud pump  Operation management of screw pump Nemo pump (single screw pump) is a positive displacement pump, the axial force is mainly composed of the pressure difference force of the liquid effect on the impeller and the gravity of the whole rolling part. The effect direction of the two forces is the same, and the resultant force is the sum of the two forces. If the submersible slurry pump is equipped with an auxiliary impeller, the liquid effect is on the auxiliary impellerPuchon,  It, generator and market formed at the beginning of construction have gradually formed a certain scale after more than ten years of rapid development. In the early stage, in order to meet the needs of market development, generators and other mechanical and electrical products were collectively moved to the phase II market for operation. With a good business environment, water pumps and generators  Now you know the reason why the pump has air turbidity. In fact this is a very common phenomenon. You don&#;t have to worry about it. Water pump can transport many things, such as water, oil, liquid metal, acid-base night and so on. It is a good means of transport.  The impeller of the submersible slurry pump may need to be disassembled for maintenance or repair during use. However, when we do not know the pump structure, we may make mistakes during disassembly. Let&#;s take a look at the correct disassembly of the impeller

TappolkaBooster pipeline pumpNews consultation quotation

  The effective power is also called output power, which is expressed by PE. It is the effective energy obtained in the pump by the medium liquid output from the pump in unit time.   Pipeline booster pump: in fact, the pipeline booster pump is what we often call a booster pump. It is named according to the purpose of the pump. As the name suggests, any pump that can pressurize the liquid delivered in the pipeline can be called a pipeline booster pump. Not limited to one type of pump, such as centrifugal pump, pipeline  Different installation requirements: the vertical slurry pump needs to be fixed, while the submersible slurry pump does not need to be fixed. It can directly invade into the liquid for operation.Potential development  Head refers to the energy obtained from the pump by the unit weight of liquid output by the pump, so head refers to the effective energy obtained from the liquid output by the pump in unit time - that is, the effective power of the pump: the equation is PE= ρ GQH (W)= γ QH (W)   fold the three layers in half with self-adhesive butyl tape and gradually extend to the outside of the core. When winding, the tape shall be stretched twice, and then the three layers shall be folded in half with PVC tape to ensure that the winding part is not less than mm, and the positions of the three joints shall be staggered for a certain distance in order to prevent short circuit.  After the submersible slurry pump leaves the factory, and the user needs to connect it separately during installation. If the connection is wrong, it will seriously affect the normal operation of the pump, so we should follow the correct steps to connect.

TappolkaBooster pipeline pumpNews consultation quotation

   add water with manual pump. Some pump owners have their own hand pumps. They can also buy or manufacture their own small hand pumps. The gate valve shall be installed at the water inlet. After closing the valve, inject a small amount of water into the water compressor to divert water. When the hand pump discharges water, it means that the pump is fullCustomer first,   The fan speed of the water pump is too low, and the air pressure and air volume are relatively small, so the heat cannot be dissipated.  The motor ball bearing is damaged.  It is an auxiliary means of on-site monitoring. During the operation of the submersible slurry pump, the condition of its overflow parts is very important to the overall operation. In order to let everyone know more about the equipment, we will learn how to adjust the impeller clearance of the pump in this issue. I hope it will help you.Tappolka,TappolkaVortex pump and pipeline pump,   First remove the pump from the engine.   If the head of the submersible slurry pump is too low or the head is higher than the practical condition, the flow will be large and the current will rise. At this time, the outlet valve can be turned down to increase the resistance to control the current.  This phenomenon shows that the failure of the pump is not only a material problem, but also reminds the pump designers and producers that in addition to good working conditions, the pump should also have good corrosion resistance

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