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VigvanoBaigang deep well pumpQuotation sheet

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VigvanoCentrifugal slurry pump,

  The above introduction is about the cause ysis of the overload of the slurry pump. When we find these conditions when using the pump, we can check whether these reasons are the above. This is also a reminder that we need to maintain the pump during normal use. latent  So it is called: submersible slurry pump.Vigvano, first, check whether the alarm unit has leakage and overheating alarm signals; third, record the flow and current of the water pump operation. If there is any problem in the above inspection, the cause shall be yzed and reported in time.  Promote the continuous expansion of the sales network group.Phan Rang-Thap Cham,  It will burn out. If there is a heating problem in use, you can refer to the following reasons.  Screw it down, and then remove the bearing inner race, O-ring, shaft sleeve and retaining sleeve in turn.  Second, the service life of the flow passage parts of the pump is relatively long, saving production costs.

VigvanoBaigang deep well pumpQuotation sheet

  Pump. In addition,VigvanoCirculating hot water pipeline pump, the submersible slurry pump is mainly characterized by 'slurry', which is wear-resistant and particle passing.   Determination of flow  The above is about how to replace the water seal of Boshan submersible slurry pump. In addition to the water seal, other parts of the pump also need to be replaced in time when they are damaged. Moreover, some parts of the pump are relatively easy to be damaged, so we need to replace them regularly during use  Check whether it needs to be,  Will be scrapped. In addition, since the length of the long shaft is generally fixed, the installation and use of the slurry pump submersible are troublesome and the application occasions are limited. The submersible slurry pump is developed to adapt to increasingly complex working conditions and facilitate the use of users. Its use mode is more   The bus voltage where the motor is located is V. Due to the uneven cable voltage drop and load distribution,VigvanoCorrosive pipeline pump, it is also possible that the temperature is too high due to the low voltage of the water pump.  There is a difference between submersible slurry pump and sewage pump. Although the media conveyed by the two are not pure water and other media the difference between slag slurry and sewage is still large. Let&#;s take a look at the difference between the two.

VigvanoBaigang deep well pumpQuotation sheet

   if the removed gasket is seriously damaged, a new gasket shall be replaced. The removed parts shall be cleaned with kerosene before cost,   The submersible slurry pump usually relies on water cooling to dissipate heat. If the motor leaks out of the water without water cooling, the motor temperature will rise, so it is easy to burn out the motor.  This can ensure that the water pump has been running at the best operating point which not only meets the process needs, but also reduces the equipment loss, and is conducive to extending the economic service life of the equipment.  Will be scrapped. In addition, since the length of the long shaft is generally fixed, the installation and use of the slurry pump submersible are troublesome and the application occasions are limited. It is normal to use the equipment for a long time, for example, when the submersible slurry pump is used at ordinary times, air holes usually appearVigvano,   drainage and water injection with vacuum equipment: the self exhaust of centrifugal pump is the same as the negative pressure exhaust of vacuum pump, so the water ring vacuum pump is used for exhaust to achieve the of water inlet.  When the pump is not in use, the pump shall be lifted away from the water source in time to drain the accumulated water in the pump, especially in cold winter. Then put it in a dry place. Conditional users can also apply oil to the key parts of the water pump and add lubricating oil to the bearing to prevent parts from rusting. in addition  Only in this way can its service life be extended to a large extent.

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