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AfragolaWooden floor ceilingThe molding process is different

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Many people think WPC floors are thick and therefore durable.OK, it&#;s a durable floor, but no more than SPC floor.Compared with WPC flooring, SPC flooring has good density.The higher density makes them resistant to damage and heavy weight.They will not be affected by the falling or moving of heavy objects.Therefore SPC is considered to have good durability. Sticker method: stick the same wood grain paper on the front and back of the board.Afragola,AfragolaEnvironmental protection floor leather,Birch: good toughness, most low-grade materials.The raw materials of SPC floor are PVC (PVC) and calcium carbonate, which are thermally compounded by advanced technology. The production process is different from that of wooden floor, so its thermal expansion and cold contraction properties are also different;Grimbergen, Do not scrape or scratch the floor surface with sharp tools.However, SPC floor and plastic are not the same thing at all. SPC floor does not need glue in the production process,AfragolaWhat is floor leather, does not contain toxic substances such as formaldehyde and benzene, terrazzo ceramic tile, ice, cold and slippery. It is the first choice for floor heating and heat conduction floor.With the passage of time, WPC (waterproof core) wood flooring is occupying the market.This floor is very important.It is not only waterproof but also durable.Hearing effect: wood is a natural porous material with good sound absorption and sound insulation performance.Therefore, houses decorated with wood materials have small echo and good sound insulation effect, giving people a comfortable and quiet feeling.The density of laminate floor substrate (high density fiberboard) shall be .-. g / cm, and it is not appropriate to have too low or too high density.Safety and health,From the front, the relief surface is no different from the crystal surface. From the side, touch it with your hand, and there are wood grain patterns on the surface.Then look at the quality Smell

AfragolaWooden floor ceilingThe molding process is different

Second, the time of birth.Manufacturing cost, Fire protection, fire rating B, second only to stone.Which brand of Taiyuan Fenghua sports floor? The wooden floor of Basketball Hall produced by professional manufacturers adopts high-quality raw materials, such as Russian maple, oak, Good wear resistance and stabilityCommon types: three-layer solid wood composite floor, double-layer solid wood composite floor, new solid wood composite board.The core layer of WPC wood floor is thicker than that of SPC floor.WPC boards range from to mm, while SPC boards range from to mm.

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