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GleevecElectric fixed hydraulic lifting platformDebugging process and general requirements

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Reason: Manual pump and gear pump have severe oil leakage. Cleaning method: Replace the oil pump sealing ring to clean it. Reason: Gear pump is damaged, The oil pumped out has no pressure. Cleaning method: Replace the gear pump to clean the problem. Reason: Lack of hydraulic oil. Cleaning method: Add enough hydraulic oil to clean the problem. Reason: Circuit open. Cleaning method: Check the button and fuse to clean the problem. Reason: Filter blockage. Cleaning method: Replace or clean the problem. Reason: Support valve or electromagnetic directional valve malfunction. There are two situations: the input voltage of the electromagnetic coil is lack of V. The solenoid coil is burnt out and the valve core is stuck. Cleaning method: maintenance or replacement can be used to clean the natural descent of the lifting platform. Reason and cleaning method: one-way valve leakage cleaning method: check the check valve in the valve. Assuming there is dirt on the sealing surface of the check valve. Clean the check valve.Reason: Cleaning method for internal leakage in the oil cylinder: Replace the sealing element of the oil cylinder. The lifting platform does not lower. Reason: The lowering valve is malfunctioning. Cleaning method: When pressing the lowering button, clean it as much as possible; If there is power, clear the malfunction of the lowering valve itself or replace the lowering valve. The sliding valve should be kept clean and.Gleevec,What are the requirements for the pit? This type of cargo elevator only needs - centimeters and does not require too much space. The installation of scissor type hydraulic cargo elevators is different from that of guide rail type hydraulic cargo elevators. The scissor lift cargo elevator has a large load-bearing capacity, and the pit depth needs to be set at around - centimeters. It can also be designed according to customer on-site needs.There is noise inside the hydraulic cylinder. When replacing the hydraulic oil, there was air in the hydraulic cylinder due to an operational error. Under high pressure, it is easy to generate cavitation and high-frequency noise. When the rod is bent or replaced with a new seal, the new seal is too tight, which can also produce significant noise. If it is a problem of tight sealing, the noise can be reduced after running in for a period of time. If the rod is bent,GleevecMobile hydraulic lifting platform, it needs to be corrected. In addition, hydraulic pipelines should use hoses as much as possible, it can reduce vibration and noise, and the pipelines should avoid dead bends as much as possible.MenenProtective device: In case of power or oil circuit failure, there should be a safety rope to prevent the workbench from falling out of control. (Allow controlled descent)Therefore,GleevecFixed hydraulic platform, the wholesale manufacturers of hydraulic elevators remind that there are three main ways to adjust the speed control circuit: throttling speed control circuit: quantitative pump oil supply, using flow valves to adjust the flow in and out of the actuator to achieve speed control; In the volume throttling speed control circuit, the oil is supplied by the pressure limiting variable pump, and the flow rate into the actuator is adjusted by the flow valve to adapt the flow rate of the variable pump to the regulated flow rate of the speed control valve.Next, the hydraulic cargo elevator manufacturer will explain the maintenance of the mechanical equipment of the elevator: the brakes of each organization should be frequently checked and adjusted to ensure the clearance between the brake pads and wheels is sensitive and reliable. On the surface, there should be no dirt present. If there is dirt, it is necessary to wash it off with gasoline or thinner.

GleevecElectric fixed hydraulic lifting platformDebugging process and general requirements

The installation personnel should have the qualification for installing hydraulic cargo elevators, carefully implement the special construction plan for installation and construction, and provide safety technical disclosure to the installation personnel for technical design.Oil cylinder leaks. Long term use causes wear on the sealing ring in the oil cylinder and excessive oil leakage in the cylinder wall gap, resulting in the natural descent of the hydraulic cargo elevator. The sealing components need to be replaced immediately.Volume speed control circuit: Speed control is achieved by adjusting the displacement of a variable pump or variable motor.Installation conditions, it is necessary to park the car in a timely manner, clean the problem, and continue running. The motor bearings should be smooth and outstanding.The guide rail type elevator has a structure of a straight top oil cylinder. The linear operation of the oil cylinder pulls the transmission chain, driving the lifting of the table to complete the operation. The guide rail type elevator is a popular form of cargo elevator in recent years, with the advantages of higher lifting height, stable operation, and simple maintenance compared to the scissor fork type elevator.Lines of various safety equipment

GleevecElectric fixed hydraulic lifting platformDebugging process and general requirements

Regularly check the operation of each mechanism for normal operation and noise. If any faults are found, the hydraulic cargo elevator wholesale should be promptly eliminated. Otherwise, it will affect the use of the guide rail hydraulic lifting platform. When refueling, the hydraulic oil should be filtered and filled, and the refueling tools should be reliable and clean. The hydraulic cargo elevator manufacturer should not remove the filter at the fuel tank filler to improve the refueling speed. Refueling personnel should use clean gloves and work clothes to prevent solid and fiber impurities from falling into the oil.Convenient and efficient,The contact of the travel switch must be firmly opened and closed, and the contact crater should be polished in a timely manner.This product has a solid structure, smooth lifting, easy installation and maintenance, and is an ideal cargo transportation equipment for replacing elevators on lower floors.The use of cleaning oil and the brand used in the systemGleevec,The above are the working principles of three common elevators, and there are also some forms of elevators that are not common, such as cylinder mounted elevators, curved arm elevators, car mounted elevators, etc. Their common feature is the hydraulic principle for operation, because the stability of the hydraulic system can bring better user experience and safer operation to the equipment,GleevecSmall hydraulic lifting platform, which has been favored by many users.Considering the oil level in the oil tank, when all hydraulic cylinders in the system are extended, the oil level in the oil tank should not be lower than the Z-low oil level, and when the oil cylinders retract the oil level should not be higher than the Z-high oil level. In fact, in order to facilitate equipment maintenance. Hydraulic cargo elevator manufacturers sincerely hope that you choose a legitimate manufacturer when purchasing elevators most manufacturers have noticed the above issues. The reason for the introduction is that most users can learn more about the equipment itself when using elevators, to avoid any worries about after-sales service.Regularly inspect the hydraulic lifting equipment of the upper and lower materials to ensure the safety of the rail type elevator and the safety of the material supply to the rail type lifting platform.

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