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FlorenceScissor type hydraulic lifting platformMain ways of soliciting customers

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The undercut length of the weld mm should not exceed % of the weld seam, and the depth should not exceed .mm.After hours of operation on the hydraulic lift major repairs will be carried out to the mechanical and electrical systems.Florence,When working on scaffolding without scaffolding or without railings, if the height exceeds meters, safety belts must be used or other reliable safety measures must be taken.Pay attention to checking each steel wire rope for signs of broken wires and loose drums. If it exceeds the relevant rules, it is necessary to replace it immediately. The protection of steel wire ropes should strictly follow the rules of GB-.Kampala,The smoothness of the gearbox, gearbox, external meshing gears, and hydraulic oil are all carried out according to the requirements in the smoothness table.Do not use hydraulic lifting equipment with malfunctioning issues. The problem should be resolved before carrying cargo.The guide rail type elevator has a structure of a straight top oil cylinder. The linear operation of the oil cylinder pulls the transmission chain, driving the lifting of the table to complete the operation. The guide rail type elevator is a popular form of cargo elevator in recent years, with the advantages of higher lifting height, and simple maintenance compared to the scissor fork type elevator.

FlorenceScissor type hydraulic lifting platformMain ways of soliciting customers

Each brush should be kept clean on its surface, and the brush pressure should be adjusted to ensure that its area is not less than %.Ensure a good power supply at the installation site, install a separate distribution box, and when using the distribution box the electrical leakage switch must meet the requirements for construction elevators. If the installed construction elevator is variable frequency, the leakage switch should be compatible with the frequency converter when selecting it.Remember not to overload, overload is the root cause of many faults.Trustworthy,Hydraulic cargo elevators have been used in some high-altitude operations in recent years, and now some hydraulic cargo elevators are gradually mentioned as large machinery such as tower cranes, becoming a better choice for some high-altitude operations. However, there are still certain limitations, such as height and improving the quality of goods, which have certain constraints.Oil leakage from the oil cylinder: If it is a problem with the sealing ring, replace the sealing ring. If there are debris or debris on the oil cylinder it is recommended to replace it with a new one.Do you know the classification of simple cargo elevator lifting platforms? The manufacturer of the hydraulic cargo elevator is here to inform you.

FlorenceScissor type hydraulic lifting platformMain ways of soliciting customers

Aluminum alloy elevators are different from other forms. This type of elevator is made of aluminum alloy material, which is lightweight and has a more beautiful appearance. The disadvantage is that it has a light load capacity and is only suitable for simple high-altitude maintenance work, and can only provide support for - people.Meticulous workmanship,FlorenceColumn hydraulic lifting platform,When the hydraulic oil is insufficient, the hydraulic pump will experience suction, causing air to enter the hydraulic oil and producing high noise.Low power consumption: Hydraulic elevators are driven by the pressure generated by their own weight, greatly saving energy. Long term improvement of various brand products such as elevator manufacturers, with complete designated products and quality assuranceAfter long-term use of the automatic lifting platform equipment, it is inevitable that some malfunctions will occur. In order not to affect work, it is necessary to promptly solve the difficulties in starting the motor and abnormal sounds. Generally,FlorenceIndoor hydraulic lifting platform, due to overload, insufficient power supply,FlorenceElectric hydraulic fixed lifting platform, and a small cross-sectional area of the power supply cable, the starting voltage drop is too large and the price of the cargo elevator is reduced.Florence,There is noise inside the hydraulic cylinder. When replacing the hydraulic oil, there was air in the hydraulic cylinder due to an operational error. Under high pressure, it is easy to generate cavitation and high-frequency noise. When the rod is bent or replaced with a new seal, the new seal is too tight, which can also produce significant noise. If it is a problem of tight sealing, the noise can be reduced after running in for a period of time. If the rod is bent, it needs to be corrected. In addition, hydraulic pipelines should use hoses as much as possible, even when arranging pipelines, it can reduce vibration and noise, and the pipelines should avoid dead bends as much as possible.The downward movement of the hydraulic cylinder (i.e. lowering of heavy objects). The hydraulic oil enters the upper end of the hydraulic cylinder through the explosion-proof electromagnetic directional valve, and the return oil from the lower end of the hydraulic cylinder returns to the oil tank through the balance valve, hydraulic control one-way valve, a balance valve is installed on the return oil circuit to balance the circuit and maintain pressure, a hydraulic control one-way valve, also known as a hydraulic lock, is added to ensure safe self-locking in the event of an accidental rupture of the hydraulic pipeline. An overload sound control alarm has been installed to distinguish between overload or equipment failure.Reason: The lowering speed valve is out of adjustment. Cleaning method: If the lowering speed valve is adjusted, and if the adjustment is ineffective, replace it with a new valve.

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