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LeowaGe transformerWhat are the levels of homework?

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Dry type transformer oscillation is solved by applying vibration damping platform to dry-type transformer and carrying out low-frequency vibration reduction management, which can control the oscillation below .%, and then reduce the building structure noise transmitted by dry-type transformer oscillation.After the test, connect the data signal contact of the automobile relay with the alarm circuit, the pull-in contact with the opening circuit, and adjust the overcurrent protection value.Leowa,The appropriate power saving calculation formula should be derived from the following process: active power loss of large capacity transformer: load of large capacity transformer; PDK - short-circuit fault loss of large capacity transformer kW. Active power loss of small capacity transformer: when a pump room is in normal operation, two pumps are started separately, and each pump is driven by kW motor, so the usual load is KW, CST = . One kva transformer was originally configured, and the capacity utilization rate introduced by the transformer manufacturer is only %Oil leakage of bolt or pipe external threadIbshaway,When we apply oil immersed transformer, we all know that it works with the help of oil. What if the oil immersed transformer is on fire? What countermeasures should we do?() the installation position of secondary commercial insurance of transformer on column and ground shall meet the following requirements: if there is an disconnector on the secondary side, it shall be installed between the disconnector and low-voltage composite insulator,LeowaPower transformer parameters, or the circuit breaker shall be selected as the disconnector; If there is no disconnector on the secondary side it shall be installed on both sides of the low-voltage composite insulator, and the insulated cable jumper shall be connected to the insulated cable on both sides of the circuit breaker.The noise of dry-type transformer comes from

LeowaGe transformerWhat are the levels of homework?

Noise solution of dry-type transformerThe transformer manufacturer will introduce the efficiency of the transformer to youAvoid inadvertent damage of insulation during maintenance: when repairing the hanging core of power transformer, special attention shall be paid to the maintenance of solenoid coil or insulating waterproof sleeve. If there is scratch damage, it shall be handled properly.Administration,When leaving the factory, the production and processing are not smooth and the sealing is poor. The common fault of oil leakage will be caused after the oil transformer is sealed for a period of time.Connection group structure of dry-type transformerProtective measures for damping of dry-type transformer

LeowaGe transformerWhat are the levels of homework?

Careless maintenance and insulation damageDiscount,If you want to check the activated carbon fiber for the hanging cover, first take out the low-voltage waterproof sleeve and the on load transformer power switch, then lower the bell cover anchor bolt of the large cover,LeowaOil immersed amorphous alloy transformer, slowly hang the galvanized steel wire rope with sufficient lifting net weight on the commonly used earrings, wear round steel from top to bottom in the surrounding screw holes, and count the spacing and specifications for easy reinstallation. At the same time, stop the lifting, and check the bearing capacity of the lifting core, center of gravity and Jack. After everything is normal, lift it again until the bell cover exceeds the relative height of the body, and rotate the crane to place the bell cover on the clean skid.The equipment can eliminate the shortcomings found in the patrol inspection, clean the porcelain waterproof casing casing, remove and replace the cracked or brittle leather pad, check and tighten the node,LeowaTypes of dry-type transformers, replenish the oil with less oil, check and replace the silica gel of the breathing mask, etc.Method and process of taking oil sample of power transformerLeowa,The representative mode of connection group of dry-type transformer is: English capital letters indicate the wiring on the primary side (or primary side), and English letters indicate the wiring on the secondary side (or secondary side). Y (or y) is star wiring, and D (or D) is triangular wiring.Falling foreign matters and piercingNaturally, if the oil immersed transformer catches fire, please be rational to make the oil immersed transformer safer and more efficient.

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