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Aparecida80 box type transformerContraindications when using the product

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Therefore, in the installation process of substation equipment, the lightning rod should be set according to the specific situation to prevent damage to the relay protection dry-type transformer caused by lightning. In addition, in the installation and use process of lightning rod, select reasonable types of lightning rod according to the operation situation to determine that they are in the same situation. In addition, during the installation of lightning rod, please connect all routes as far as possible to prevent other faults.Generally speaking, the ignition emergency treatment method of oil immersed transformer is mainly to disconnect the oil immersed transformer, disconnect the switching power supply on each side, the generator set must be disassembled first.Aparecida,Automatic system of centrifugal fan: measure the temperature data signal according to the PT thermistor temperature measuring resistor of the embedded parts at the hot part of the bottom pressure winding. The transformer load expands and the operating temperature increases. When the winding temperature reaches ℃, the system software automatically starts the centrifugal fan for refrigeration; When the winding temperature is as low as ℃, dry-type transformer should operate under rated capacity, while oil transformer has better load working capacity.Gheorgheni,According to the condition of cracks, galvanized iron wire can be punched into the leakage or riveted with hammer. Then clean the leakage point with toluene and seal it with raw materials. Coated sand casting eyes can be sealed with raw materials immediately.Therefore, in the operation prevention and regulation of relay protection dry-type transformer, it is necessary to find the short-circuit fault point according to the fault situation, lock the fault point, and analyze the short-circuit fault types of relay protection dry-type transformer. At the same time, if all fields are clear, disconnect the switching power supply at the fault point, the maintenance work of employees will be carried out smoothly, the on-site operation and maintenance management staff must use temperature tester or thermal imager to carry out purposeful inspection on the transformer itself, terminal block and other accessories; The sound during the operation of the transformer is a symmetrical current sound. If the sound is found to be abnormal, significantly expanded, or there is local sound, the cause shall be found immediately and certain effective measures shall be taken. If necessary, the load can be reduced or the operation of the transformer can be stopped.

Aparecida80 box type transformerContraindications when using the product

The switching power supply lacks one phase of power;At rated power, the ratio of output power to input power of transformer is called the efficiency of transformer, i.e. & ETA; Is the efficiency of the transformer; P is the input power and P is the output power.From the appearance, the packaging types are different. The transformer core and electromagnetic coil can be seen immediately for dry-type transformer,AparecidaDry type power transformer 1000 KVA,AparecidaSubstation transformer, and only the shell can be seen for oil immersed transformer;The cheapest,Dry type transformer oscillation is solved by applying vibration damping platform to dry-type transformer and carrying out low-frequency vibration reduction management, which can control the oscillation below .%, and then reduce the building structure noise transmitted by dry-type transformer oscillation.Overload or short circuit occurs inside the power transformer. Flammable insulating raw materials are endangered by high temperature and electric isolation which dissolve and ignite, resulting in a lot of steam bodies, greatly increasing the internal working pressure of the power transformer, causing the ignition of the casing, causing large-scale power failure, endangering all normal production, manufacturing and activities. There are three reasons for fire accidents in the operation of power transformers.When leaving the factory, the production and processing are not smooth and the sealing is poor. The common fault of oil leakage will be caused after the oil transformer is sealed for a period of time.

Aparecida80 box type transformerContraindications when using the product

There are many connection groups of dry-type transformers, and the selected structures and connections are also different. Then, what are the groups of dry-type transformers? How to carry out the connection? Or basically introduce it with the network of dry-type transformer manufacturers.reform,The insulating layer shaft and the connecting articles between the bell jar and the core shall be removed. If it is a hanging bell inspection the oil shall be pumped into the bottom of the bell jar before the bell jar can be removed.With Vietnam and Malaysia, China's first UHV transmission experimental demonstration project China Transformer Corporation has entered a breakthrough in the development trend. The commodity voltage grade and volume rank first in the world, occupying the main technical position of the industry development trend. In addition,Causes of fire in power transformerIn the electric field of the winding to the yoke, there must be a strong line breaking component,AparecidaMain parameters of oil immersed transformer, so that sliding flash charge and discharge may occur at a lower current. In order to better solve this disadvantage, the appearance of the insulating parts between the winding and the iron yoke should be the same as that of the medium horizontal plane of the winding to the iron yoke insulation as far as possible, so as to reduce the electric field component intersecting with the insulating parts.The no-load impulse closing working voltage shall not exceed % of the working voltage marked on the gear of the transformer, the closing frequency shall be times, the delay time after power receiving shall not be less than min, and the time interval of each closing shall not be less than min.

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