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Balasa jamatUsed pipeline pumpProfessional skills

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  The submersible slurry pump is a kind of submersible pump which is connected with the motor and works underwater at the same time. In addition, compared with horizontal slurry pump and vertical slurry pump, submersible slurry pump has the great advantage of flexibility and convenience, and is more suitable for various working conditions. The important technical points of submersible slurry pump are its motor and  Therefore, when the pump temperature is too high, you don&#;t need to panic. You can quickly troubleshoot according to the above-mentioned reasons, so as to find out the root cause of the excessive temperature of the equipment in time,  To sum up, we can know that the submersible sewage pump is both a submersible pump and a sewage pump, depending on what the user is used to calling it in use.   First remove the pump from the engine.Almeria,  The water slurry pump is a widely used equipment. Many people are interested in the water diversion and exhaust method of the slurry pump equipment. Now let&#;s talk about the water diversion and exhaust method of the submersible slurry pump: the submersible slurry pump needs to pump out the water to form a vacuum, and then supply water, so shaft power = effective power + lost power.  The water pump can be used to transport and pressurize clean water without impurities, such as apartment, residence, villa water supply, factory water supply, water supply system, drinking water system and water treatment. In short, there are many uses.

Balasa jamatUsed pipeline pumpProfessional skills

  Troubleshooting: first increase the water pressure, then inject water into the pump body, and then start the pump. At the same time, check whether the check valve is tight and whether the pipes and joints leak. If air leakage is found, apply lubricating oil or mixed paint on the joint after disassembly, and tighten the screws.   tailings transportation various tailings ore, pulp pulp, coal slurry,Balasa jamatVertical centrifugal slurry pump, slag slag treatment, etc.  If the shaft seal is not properly selected, it will not only require frequent maintenance during operation, but also leak a large amount of transmitted liquid.Job description,  Head refers to the energy obtained from the pump by the unit weight of liquid output by the pump, so head refers to the effective energy obtained from the liquid output by the pump in unit time - that is, the effective power of the pump: the equation is PE= ρ GQH (W)= γ QH (W)  When the equipment is in use,Balasa jamatSewage pump diving, the water delivered in the pump receives the friction with the surface of the pump impeller, so the pump needs to consume more energy to reduce the friction and resistance caused by the surface when it is rotating. Water will slowly overcome it as it flows  Submersible slurry pump shaft seal type: packing, packing and auxiliary impeller seal, mechanical seal, etc.

Balasa jamatUsed pipeline pumpProfessional skills

   Next, the water seal, lock ring and other parts need to be,  Under the action of auxiliary devices, and because the sealing device itself is special,Balasa jamatLong shaft submerged slurry pump, it can also ensure the internal and external balance of the submersible slurry pump during transportation, so that the pressure at both ends of the equipment can be balanced during normal use  The inner wall is corroded and the outside air is sucked in. The pipeline pump packing is worn or the packing is not compacted.  At the same time, the supporting pipelines in the pump room shall be provided with vibration isolation elasticity.Balasa jamat,  No matter what type of slurry pump you need, Ritter pump will provide you with the highest quality slurry pump products; The latest development of submersible slurry pump technology in recent years The diving depth has increased from meters to meters!   Then reinstall the equipment on the engine and install the rubber hose.  The submersible slurry pump may be blocked when it is used at ordinary times. In particular, some equipment is frequently used at ordinary times, but the maintenance work is not done well when it is used, so it will be blocked after being used for a period of time

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