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Tissau yverosDrilling fluid slurry pumpWhat industry can you use

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  Yes, summer is the peak sales season. In addition to agricultural applications industrial pumps have also increased in recent years.  Normal operation. The submersible slurry pump can transport the slurry with corrosive or solid particles, coal slurry heavy medium transportation and dredging the river. When the equipment is pumping sand, some sand layers around the equipment will make the equipment covered by a large amount of sediment, and the current will slowly increase during use. Well, we should chooseTissau yveros,  It is necessary to set up a protection system, which can protect the operation of the electric pump. But this is not the key to the problem. The protection system is just a remedy after the pump fails. It is a passive method.  Pressure. Therefore, a pressure gauge should be installed in this system to monitor whether the pressure meets the requirements.Canete,  Submersible slurry pump In addition, it must be used continuously during transportation. If there is an interval in the middle,Tissau yverosSmall deep well pump, so as to avoid the solidification of slurry in the pump when the operation is stopped.  Adjustment. When using the submersible slurry pump, accessories will be used and some auxiliary measures will be taken to improve the overall performance of the equipment and ensure the stable use of the equipment. Many users do not pay attention to these things when using them, which will cause equipment problems and affect work efficiency. So we&#;re using  The type selection planning of submersible slurry pump has a great impact on its service life and operation stability. A scientific and reasonable type selection plan will affect whether the slurry pump can achieve efficient operation. The operating power of the slurry pump is very high and the loss is small. Service life of flow passage parts of pump

Tissau yverosDrilling fluid slurry pumpWhat industry can you use

  Head refers to the energy obtained from the pump by the unit weight of liquid output by the pump, so head refers to the effective energy obtained from the liquid output by the pump in unit time - that is, the effective power of the pump: the equation is PE= ρ GQH (W)= γ QH (W)   The submersible sewage pump does not meet the standard power supply voltage required by the submersible sewage pump, so the user&#;s on-site power supply voltage may be too low, resulting in difficulty in starting the submersible pump. If the submersible pump can be started,Tissau yverosBooster pipeline pump, and the motor of the submersible pump will be burnt out if the time is too long. In this case, please make sure  Do a good job of fixing to avoid the motor falling into the water and directly scrapping.Highly recommended,   When starting the slurry pump, the outlet gate valve shall be (closed or slightly opened by /. Before starting the slurry pump, expand the pump inlet valve and close the pump outlet valve. Then start the pump. After the pump is started, slowly start the pump outlet valve. The size and speed of opening the pump outlet valve should be based on the fact that the pump does not vibrate and the motor  The operating environment is different: the key difference between the submersible slurry pump and the vertical slurry pump lies in diving. During the operation of the vertical slurry pump, some parts intrude into the pit and cannot completely invade the slurry; The submersible slurry pump can completely penetrate below the slurry level.  This phenomenon shows that the failure of the pump is not only a material problem, but also reminds the pump designers and producers that in addition to good working conditions, the pump should also have good corrosion resistance, high reliability and long service life. The pump shall be designed in addition to the conventional design method of fluid mechanics

Tissau yverosDrilling fluid slurry pumpWhat industry can you use

   Another possibility is that the gas is sucked in when the pump is in use.Word of mouth recommendation,  Body. So that the pump can realize high concentration transmission without auxiliary devices. The unique sealing device can effectively balance the pressure inside and outside the oil chamber, so that the pressure at both ends of the mechanical seal can be kept balanced which maximizes the reliable operation of the mechanical seal and greatly extends its service life  D. G-type slurry pump is a single pump shell structure, that is, without lining, light weight. The pump body, cover and impeller shall be made of strong wear-resistant high chromium alloy or wear-resistant alloy steel, and the hardness shall not be lower than hrc. The connection of pump body and pump cover adopts special clamping structure, and the pump outlet direction can be rotated freely,  Potential energy, once the pump can not absorb water, the equipment is shaped like a decoration, so what is the reason for this situation? How to solve it?Tissau yveros,  Generally speaking,Tissau yverosTwo stage slurry pump, the above two cases are the case that the slurry pump does not absorb water. The solutions are also introduced. I believe that people can deal with this problem in time. However if the problem is serious, you must not adjust it at will. At this time, you should find a professional   Then replace the pulley and pump cover plate and tighten the fixing nuts.  Whether the pump is evacuated or overflowed, etc., and handle it at any time.

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