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VilzburgGood laminate flooringHow to choose equipment

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Foot feelLaminate flooring is suitable for meeting rooms, offices, high-definition cleanliness laboratories, etc. it can also be used for the ground decoration of medium and high-grade hotels, restaurants and civil houses.Although laminate floor has moisture-proof layer, it should not be used in wet places such as bathroom and toilet.The first is the type of raw material.When purchasing solid wood multi-layer wood floor, you should pay attention to whether the floor is the same material and whether the surface has defects such as crack, rot, skin clip, dead joint, moldy and so on.The general high-quality solid wood multi-layer wood floor shall have clear lines and bright colors on the surface.Vilzburg, Flatness of foundation ground. After the floor has just been laid, Fire protection: the fire rating of SPC floor is B second only to stone. It will automatically extinguish after leaving the flame for seconds, non spontaneous combustion flame retardant, and will not produce toxic and harmful gases.It is suitable for occasions with high fire protection requirements. Moisture proof, no deformation in case of water, and can be used in kitchen, toilet, basement, etc.What is the difference between solid wood flooring and solid wood composite flooring?

VilzburgGood laminate flooringHow to choose equipment

Main differences between WPC and SPC flooring The difference between composite floor and solid wood floor.In this category, it can be shown that it is a relatively safe commodity.In addition, it should be noted that the release of formaldehyde must take a whole process of time. The formaldehyde content tested at this stage does not represent the long-term formaldehyde content.Supply chain quality management,Impregnated paper laminated wood floor is a floor made of one or more layers of special paper impregnated with thermosetting amino resin, which is paved on the surface of wood-based board substrate such as particleboard and high-density fiberboard,VilzburgToilet floor leather, with a balanced moisture-proof layer on the back and a wear-resistant layer and decorative layer on the front. It is hot pressed and formed. First, it is divided into thin and thick (more than mm and about mm in thickness).qualityAs the wear-resistant layer on the surface of the laminate floor has good wear resistance,VilzburgWhich is better, ceramic tile or wooden floor, compression resistance, impact resistance,VilzburgWooden floor on ceramic tile, fire resistance, flame retardancy and chemical pollution resistance, it only needs to be cleaned with a twisted dry rag, mop or vacuum cleaner. If the floor is greasy and dirty, wipe it with a cloth stained with detergent.

VilzburgGood laminate flooringHow to choose equipment

Finally, look at the priceHonesty and mutual benefit,UV layer: the coating formed after UV oil is cured with curing agent, which can prevent the volatilization of chemicals in the plate by UV.[]The sports wood floor brings people close to the vitality of nature and can meet modern people&#;s yearning for green sports life. The wood board is full of vitality, can support people, full of natural flavor and make the moving wood space full of vitality. Fire protection, fire rating B,The commonly used floor is generally mm thick, and the .mm wear-resistant layer locks the floor.Such a thick floor generally does not have the situation that the door cannot be closed or affect other s, the material will not be very expensive, the foot feels comfortable, the service life is relatively long, and it will not be easily damaged.Consumers who use wood flooring in home decoration know that if it is not maintained properly in the process of normal use, there will be a series of problems with wood flooring.Floor cracking is a common method.Today, we will discuss why the wood floor cracks.The surface texture of solid wood floor is clear and natural and there is no obvious color difference on both sides.Medium and low grade solid wood floors indicate that cracks may occur.If the crack is not a problem between textures, there will be some hidden dangers if the crack passes through the texture.The joint of the floor adopts the form of latch, which controls the vertical displacement of the floor and the horizontal displacement of the floor;The original tenon and groove type, which is often called tongue and groove floor, can only control the vertical displacement of the floor.No matter how early the wooden floor plate is, there is no tenon and groove at the joint, and the displacement in any aspect can not be controlled. Therefore, the floor plate often tilts up and stumbles when walking, which is inconvenient.

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