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san diego Freezer installationProblems encountered in rolling

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It is required to set up a special tally room (area), and the temperature of the tally area is usually controlled at ~ + ℃.Whether the water pump works normally and whether the moldy switch is effective. In case of abnormality, timely handle the overhaul and maintenance of the refrigeration compressor in the cold storage: generally,san diego Installation of cold storage area, the refrigeration oil and drying filter shall be replaced times after the operation of the cold storage equipment. Replacement after half a year. Depending on the circumstances.san diego ,Advantages: no reciprocating motion, so it has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, few parts (especially few vulnerable parts) and high reliability; Torque change is small. I am engaged in all kinds of cold storage installation, cold storage installation cold storage construction, fruit preservation cold storage, medical cold storage and other materials all year round. I operate in good faith. Welcome to call! High balance, low vibration, stable operation and low vibration of the whole machine; It has high efficiency and variable frequency speed regulation technology in the range of refrigeration capacity; The scroll refrigeration unit has no clearance volume, can maintain high volumetric efficiency, low operation noise, good stability and high safety and is relatively not easy to liquid hammer.The lights in the warehouse are not on. Please check whether the switch fails and whether the bulb is damaged. Cut off the power supply when installing the lampshade, and pay attention to the waterproof of the lamp.Brescia,The medical cold storage has been widely used in the industry. For the use of the medical cold storage project, we must combine the performance of the product and store it according to the temperature and humidity required by the product. The automatic temperature box also needs to be used outside the product cold storage. At the same time, the management personnel must be familiar with the operation steps of the medical cold storage project.In the low temperature environment, especially in the periodic freezing and thawing cycle, the building structure is also vulnerable to. Therefore, the building materials of the cold storage and the structure of each part of the cold storage should have sufficient frost resistance.The installation of top warehouse plate should be carried out alternately with the installation of wall plate, and the wall plate should leave a gap for withdrawing construction equipment; During the installation of the top warehouse plate, the end steel sheet at the overlap with the wall plate shall be disconnected for mm to prevent the cold bridge from running cold; Two layers of foaming materials shall be evenly and continuously punched on the joint surface between each top warehouse plate. Rivets shall be pulled and fixed at the internal and external lap joints of the steel plate, and the rivet spacing shall be mm; According to the design drawings, if there are supporting beams, columns and supporting steel frames in the warehouse, the setting out and positioning shall be carried out and accurate and clear marks shall be made according to the requirements of the design drawings; Weld or install the support beam, column, support steel frame,san diego Which one is better to install cold storage, etc., and the welded junction shall be moisture-proof and treated according to the drawing requirements.

san diego Freezer installationProblems encountered in rolling

The polyurethane insulation board used in the construction of cold storage shall be integral and continuous, and there shall be no joint in the middle. The junction of polyurethane insulation board, top plate and ground shall be made into fillet arc for transition which can well meet the health needs.The volume of cold storage the size of cold storage shall be calculated according to the volume occupied by the stacking of goods stored in the cold storage, plus the corridor from row to row, and the gap between the ceiling and the packaging room. After determining the volume, the length width ratio of the cold storage shall be determined. When designing the cold storage, necessary auxiliary engineering buildings and equipment should also be considered, such as working intermediate, packaging and combing room special tool warehouse and loading and unloading platform, so as to ensure the quality of the cold storage.The foundation of cold storage is affected by low temperature, and the water in the soil is easy to be frozen. Due to the volume of frozen soil, the ground will be broken and the whole building structure will be deformed. If the damage is serious, it may even make the cold storage unusable. Therefore, in addition to the thermal insulation layer, the floor of low-temperature cold storage must be treated under the thermal insulation layer to prevent soil freezing. The bottom plate of the cold storage shall stack a large number of goods and pass through various loading, unloading and transportation machinery and equipment. Therefore, the structure of the cold storage plate shall be firm and have large bearing capacity. In low temperature environment, especially in the process of periodic freezing and thawing cycle, building structures are vulnerable to. Therefore, the structure of each part of the cold storage and the building materials of the cold storage should have sufficient frost resistance.Where can I find it?,It is required to set up a special tally room (area), which has the & ldquo; Refrigeration & rdquo; Function, long-term cold storage installation, cold storage installation, cold storage construction, fruit fresh-keeping cold storage, medical cold storage, complete products, excellent quality and favorable price. There are also & ldquo; Air conditioning & rdquo; Function; However, the quick freezing storehouse is not a simple superposition of ordinary high temperature storehouse and air conditioning equipment. In order to adjust the gas composition in the storehouse quickly,san diego Pharmaceutical cold storage, it is necessary to ensure that the quick freezing storehouse has good air tightness. This has been confirmed by the theoretical research and a large number of practical experience of quick freezing warehouse.For water-cooled units, the turbidity of cooling water shall be frequently, the cooling water shall be replaced frequently, and whether the running, emitting, dripping, leakage and other conditions of the water supply system exist.

san diego Freezer installationProblems encountered in rolling

It is equipped with temperature compensation to automatically adjust the water temperature. The water temperature of ultrasonic atomization is - degrees. If our humidifier is connected with the warehouse, there is no temperature compensation, even in the work, the water temperature is lowInspection environment,The polyurethane insulation board shall be connected by plug-in notch connection, because it has higher strength when connecting in this way.The selection of refrigeration system is important to the quality of controlled atmosphere storage.The combined cold storage door starts frequently or does not start for a long time, or does not stop for a long time, or stops before the storage temperature reaches.san diego ,Judge the operating sound of the compressor, and carefully listen to the operating sound of water pump, cooling tower, compressor, fan and other equipment. In case of abnormal sound timely warranty is required, so as to avoid greater damage to the compressor due to untimely warranty.In order to ensure the safety of construction and cold storage operation, the span between the top storage plate supports (lifting points) shall comply with the following provisions: the polystyrene top storage plate (mm thick) has a very large span of M, only with sufficient cold storage installation skills can we ensure that the cold storage is more energy-saving and power-saving after installation, and is not prone to failure

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