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La mentin HotelWholesale waterproof boardStrengthen the training of R & D talents
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label: La mentin HotelWholesale waterproof board

Summary: If there are cracks inside the wooden floor, it must be replaced.As a result, the internal cracks will lead to the depre[Read the full text:]

Martinique IslandWhat’s the name of waterproof floorDevelopment profile
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label: Martinique IslandWhat’s the name of waterproof floor

Summary: Some customers want to take a lighter to light the SPC floor to see if it can burn. If it burns, it is not fire safety, [Read the full text:]

Constant springGeomembrane waterproof boardWhat are the relevant standards in the world
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label: Constant springGeomembrane waterproof board

Summary: Defects: poor wear resistance no fire prevention, no corrosion resistance, very easy to regain moisture, deformation, th[Read the full text:]

Bog Walk Cement waterproof boardWhat are the markets for investment
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label: Bog Walk Cement waterproof board

Summary: Beautiful and diverse colors, seamless splicing construction, convenient and fast installation.Ninth, laser cutting is [Read the full text:]

Half way treeHow is the floor damp proofSincere service
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label: Half way treeHow is the floor damp proof

Summary: It is suitable for floor heating. SPC floor has good thermal conductivity and uniform heat dissipation. It also plays a[Read the full text:]

MaypenWhat is waterproofFollow the principle of customer first
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label: MaypenWhat is waterproof

Summary: Second, soak in water.Defects: some indoor formaldehyde is restrained, the quality of the sales market is uneven, and mo[Read the full text:]

MandevilleWhat board is waterproof and moisture-proofHow was it replaced
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label: MandevilleWhat board is waterproof and moisture-proof

Summary: In case of large-scale immersion or partial long-term immersion in water accidentally, if there is any leveling stay, it[Read the full text:]

Montego BayWhat floor is damp proofWhat are the calculation methods of bearing capacity
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label: Montego BayWhat floor is damp proof

Summary: Montego BaySPC floor ranking,High concentration formaldehyde is a genotoxic chemical.In animal experiments, high concent[Read the full text:]

New Kingston What are waterproof floorsHow to judge wear? What are the improvement methods
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label: New Kingston What are waterproof floors

Summary: Melamine surface coating is generally used for wallboard tabletop board, etc. it is used in places with low wear resista[Read the full text:]

MakaraWaterproof wooden floorInspection and maintenance of
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label: MakaraWaterproof wooden floor

Summary: The key injury of formaldehyde is mainly manifested in the stimulation of skin and mucous membrane. Formaldehyde is a to[Read the full text:]

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