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PataraPrice of cold storageWhat are the basic requirements for the job
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label: PataraPrice of cold storage

Summary: Connect the refrigeration system. Wires and copper pipes shall be used to connect the refrigeration unit electric contro[Read the full text:]

Pontakardong3000 oil immersed transformerInfluence relationship during use
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label: Pontakardong3000 oil immersed transformer

Summary: The sampling container is a colorless glass bottle with a wide mouth ground glass plug with a volume of .kg or kg. - bot[Read the full text:]

Saint-Joseph316L stainless steel square pipeTalking about the matters needing attention in maintenance
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label: Saint-Joseph316L stainless steel square pipe

Summary: There are three main reasons for oxidation of stainless steel: production process, which is one of the reasons for oxida[Read the full text:]