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Jade MountainModel of dry-type power transformerIndustry knowledge

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Operation of oil immersed transformerThe electromagnetic coil is wound with copper power wire or foil and lifted with glass fiber. The epoxy adhesive does not need filling. The vacuum drying equipment is used for degassing and dehumidification. The overall concrete is poured with high fracture toughness, resistance to short-circuit faults, common faults and impact. The work is diligent.Jade Mountain,The person in charge of a transformer manufacturer said that because of the hazards of raw materials and other factors, the cost of energy-saving transformers is significantly higher than that of traditional transformers, and the price factor is also a key factor endangering the popularization and marketing of energy-saving transformers. Although there are energy-saving and convenient subsidy projects to help energy-saving transformers, the market has not yet fully operated.Connection group structure of dry-type transformerKaterini,Before application, the sampling container shall be cleaned with vehicle gasoline, soapy water or other organic solvents (such as trisodium phosphate) except oil stains, and the water can be evenly distributed from the bottle, and then cleaned with purified water for many times. The cleaned sampling container shall be dried in a ℃ drying oven. After refrigeration, the bottle cap shall be tightly closed and cannot be opened before application.In the case of using dry-type transformer, customers must master the method of wiring. If there are problems in wiring, it is easy to cause common faults in application. So, what is the wiring mode of dry-type transformer?On load commissioning:

Jade MountainModel of dry-type power transformerIndustry knowledge

(III) dry type transformers of KVA and below can be installed on poles. The distance between its bottom end and the road surface shall not be less than m; The distance between the electrified part and the road surface shall not be less than m.The transformer manufacturer said that the temperature display equipment: the temperature change value is measured according to the PT temperature sensor embedded in the bottom voltage winding to immediately indicate the winding temperature of each phase (three-phase safety inspection and Zui large value indication, and the historical time Zui high temperature can be recorded). The Zui high temperature can be input and output as mA analog quantity. If it is to be far away (the distance can reach m, the electronic computer can be equipped with an electronic computer socket, an intelligent transmitter, and transformers can be detected. The over temperature alarm and trip of the system software can also be signaled by the resistor data of Pt thermistor sensor, so as to further improve the stability of the temperature maintenance system software.The manufacturing process of dry-type transformer is very process, and must be technically as a certain pillar. Only in that way, the performance of dry-type transformer will be more stable. What are the common manufacturing processes and steps of dry-type transformer?demand,Oil leakage of cast iron partsOverload or short circuit occurs inside the power transformer. Flammable insulating raw materials are endangered by high temperature and electric isolation, which dissolve and ignite resulting in a lot of steam bodies,Jade MountainIs there oil in dry-type transformer, greatly increasing the internal working pressure of the power transformer, causing the ignition of the casing, causing large-scale power failure, endangering all normal production manufacturing and activities. There are three reasons for fire accidents in the operation of power transformers.Difference between dry-type transformer and oil immersed transformer:

Jade MountainModel of dry-type power transformerIndustry knowledge

Connection group structure of dry-type transformerLatest consultation,(II) the height width ratio of dry-type transformer pier installed on the ground is generally .m, and a guardrail of no less than m shall be installed around it, and a warning sign shall be hung at a prominent position.The visual inspection method is that the staff use human eyes to observe the appearance change of the visible parts of the operating equipment to find the abnormal conditions of the equipment, such as discoloration deformation, offset, cracking,Jade MountainOil immersed regulator manufacturer, loosening,Jade MountainWhat is the allowable overload of dry-type transformer, ignition smoke, oil leakage, short-circuit fault marks, hanging of dirty things, etching and turbidity, which can be inspected according to the visual inspection method. Therefore, visual inspection is one of the common methods of equipment inspection.Fault judgment of power transformerJade Mountain,If the oil immersed transformer is burned by the cover of the transformer, when the oil immersed transformer fails, open the lower side of the transformer and place an appropriate part. When the oil immersed transformer is on fire, the oil cannot be released to avoid the occurrence of the oil immersed transformer. At the same time, the fire brigade must be notified.Sound in case of phase failureBrief introduction of zero line of power transformer

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